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Iron Heart is out!

Solstice Publishing has just released my first novel, Iron Heart, as a PDF. It should be up on Kindle and other services before too long, as well. Take a look and if you like it, leave a review! For more about the world Iron Heart is set in, check out my overview of Autumn. If […]

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Autumn Mondays, Part 2: The Spectrum of Retro-Futurism

Autumn Mondays continues, albeit belatedly, with a blog post about how with steampunk, dieselpunk, and even atomicpunk, all are one. May contain semi-coherent philosophical/literary rambling.

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Autumn Mondays, Part 1: An Outsider’s Perspective

As Iron Heart gets closer to being released, I’m putting together a series of blog posts that examine the world and its characters from different perspectives. Hopefully this will give you the reader some insight into the thought processes that went into creating the world, the people that inhabit it, and the stories that take […]

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Coming Soon: Iron Heart

Solstice has put the cover art for Iron Heart on their coming soon page! A dramatic rendering of Taryn and the titular armored train at the center of the novel.

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Iron Heart, Autumn and Artwork

I was going to wait until I had a preorder page to point to, but I might as well go ahead and announce this now. It’s been a bit of an open secret for a few weeks now, since I’ve been blabbering about it on Twitter and the Chainsaw Buffet podcast, but I suppose this […]

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I’m not a very good steampunk, apparently.

Lately, I’ve been reading The Steampunk Bible, a sort of holistic guide to the genre. It’s a serviceable look at all things steampunk, but there’s an attitude throughout the book that leaves me cold. That attitude seems common with the subculture, a hipster-like self-importance. The author pushes the idea that the steampunk genre is subversive, […]

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