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Last Day on the Job: A Novel of the Time Police, Chapter 1

Maurice Borge is working on his last day with the Time Police before a well-earned retirement. Unfortunately, because his job involves protecting space and time from evildoers, scum, criminals, and jaywalkers, the last day might last forever.

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Being a Villain in an Age of Genre-Savviness

As those who know me will confirm, I aspire to be a real-life supervillain (in the same way that Phoenix Jones makes himself out to be a real-life superhero – I’ll get you next time, Jones. NEXT TIIIIMMMMME!). It’s my fondest wish to someday say “I am not a monster.” just before ordering the extermination […]

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The Show Must Go On

I got the idea for this story from a bull session with some friends. We were throwing out story seeds, and Dylan came up with the idea of a story centered around a survivor of a zombie outbreak who becomes a famous hero by virtue of surviving. The twist being that he didn’t survive and […]

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