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Autumn Mondays, Part 2: The Spectrum of Retro-Futurism

Autumn Mondays continues, albeit belatedly, with a blog post about how with steampunk, dieselpunk, and even atomicpunk, all are one. May contain semi-coherent philosophical/literary rambling.

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Rules For Naming an Airship in the World of Autumn

Lately I’ve been working on wrapping up and editing Iron Heart, a dieselpunk novel set in a constructed world I’m tentatively calling Autumn. No idea where the name of the world came from, but it seemed to fit. You may, of course, feel free to disagree, being that until my mad scientists who are working […]

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Tough Times, Tougher People

Fair warning, as I’m probably going to pull a J. Michael Straczynski and indulge my writer’s ego with lofty-sounding philosophical concepts with few to no practical examples. All I’m really doing here is uselessly disgorging the contents of my parietal lobe onto the virtual page. Dislodging a logjam of thought, if you will. Lately, I’ve […]

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I’m not a very good steampunk, apparently.

Lately, I’ve been reading The Steampunk Bible, a sort of holistic guide to the genre. It’s a serviceable look at all things steampunk, but there’s an attitude throughout the book that leaves me cold. That attitude seems common with the subculture, a hipster-like self-importance. The author pushes the idea that the steampunk genre is subversive, […]

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