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Last Day on the Job: A Novel of the Time Police, Chapter 1

Maurice Borge is working on his last day with the Time Police before a well-earned retirement. Unfortunately, because his job involves protecting space and time from evildoers, scum, criminals, and jaywalkers, the last day might last forever.

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Being a Villain in an Age of Genre-Savviness

As those who know me will confirm, I aspire to be a real-life supervillain (in the same way that Phoenix Jones makes himself out to be a real-life superhero – I’ll get you next time, Jones. NEXT TIIIIMMMMME!). It’s my fondest wish to someday say “I am not a monster.” just before ordering the extermination […]

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Kill a Million People, Get a Medal

Are the Imperials in Star Wars really the bad guys, or have you been misled by Rebel propaganda? Because really, if there’s one thing I learned from A New Hope, it’s that blowing up a few billion people makes you evil, while blowing up only a million or so (or so Wookiepeedia says – not […]

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Now your child can have the fun of crushing despair!

With the Playmobil Plumber playset, your child can prepare for the crushing drudgery of a life doing menial labor! After all, if you give them the doctor or fireman sets, you’re just setting them up for disappointment. Now, through imaginative play, your child can be ready for the real job they’ll have when they grow […]

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The Show Must Go On

I got the idea for this story from a bull session with some friends. We were throwing out story seeds, and Dylan came up with the idea of a story centered around a survivor of a zombie outbreak who becomes a famous hero by virtue of surviving. The twist being that he didn’t survive and […]

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