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Miniatures Gallery, Take Two

I decided I’d move my gallery of gaming miniatures to Flickr, as that seems to be a little easier to work with than the cruddy WordPress plugin I was using previously. This also lets me do fancy things like insert it into its own page. The link can be found to the right.

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Rules For Naming an Airship in the World of Autumn

Lately I’ve been working on wrapping up and editing Iron Heart, a dieselpunk novel set in a constructed world I’m tentatively calling Autumn. No idea where the name of the world came from, but it seemed to fit. You may, of course, feel free to disagree, being that until my mad scientists who are working […]

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Nightbane: Shadows of the South

A long time ago on a mailing list far away, I used to write a lot of things for Palladium’s RPGs, for the most part Nightbane. As years went on, I lost interest in Palladium’s games. No great loss, as most of the things I wrote were, to be blunt, complete shit since I was […]

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Sewer Dog

“Sewer Dog” is a short story set in the world of a novel I’ve been working on, modern fantasy set in a city that’s a hybrid of Detroit and Chicago. The world ruled by an elven upper class, who exploit and oppress other races, including humans and mixed-breeds. Magic and technology mingle together, with spells […]

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