Loose Canons

Wanted – Deity of Light: Medium-sized mostly human congregation in up-and-coming dimension. Great magical power preferred – no necromancy. Experience fighting evil, especially demons and undead, a must. Full benefits, no human sacrifice.

-A drifting church conducts a series of job interviews to find their new god.
-A god puts one of his priests to the test – and the cleric flunks miserably.
-A cadre of deities files a lawsuit against God for putting them out of work.
-Two gods set out to keep the secrets of the hamburgers of the deities out of mortal hands.
-The village idiot sets out to kill Time so he can live forever.

Loose Canons is a collection of 10 interconnected short stories that explore a world in which even the gods themselves are faithless and incompetent. Along the way, it encompasses humor, mythology, and questioning faith as less-than-heroic characters are tested – and found wanting.

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