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Good Morning everyone! Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who is a mother of some sort (regardless of gender or birth/adoptive/surrogate/etc status)! I was greeted with breakfast in bed by my youngest, along with a hand crafted teacup and candle. The oldest has inferred that I’ll be going to bed tonight with all the dishes clean and not having had to wash any of them myself. Ah, bliss!

My daughters are great kids. And we tell them that quite often. They’re also just as geeky as me and my husband. At the age of 9, my youngest loved helping me run D&D. She’d roll the dice on the attack, and knew which mini I was talking about when I told her to go knock over the minotaur. We’ve often told our oldest that beautiful people may be in front of the camera, but the geeks behind the scenes make more money/rule the world.

I haven’t been writing long. June will be four years since I started. And here I am, with a book out (see links below). Am I so incredible of a writer that I can get a contract so quickly? Nope. I don’t think so. So, what’s the difference between me and someone whose been writing for decades? It’s actually pretty simple. I hit send. And I kept hitting that send button and submitting until I found a publisher would believed in my work as much as I did.

You’re going to get rejections. That’s a given. But don’t let a single rejection crush your dream. When you’re waiting to hear back from a publisher, start researching the next one. I have a file under my favorites that’s nothing but publishers I have not submitted to. Research them, visit Predators & Editors to see if they’re worth submitting to, and then send it off if the company you’ve sent it to already says no.

The research doesn’t take long, really. So, you’ll still have time to wait. Write new material, work on another project, polish up the one under consideration just in case they want a full manuscript to look at. And try your best to not develop what I call OEC (Obsessive Email Checking).

Now, I’ve had problems with OEC. Even now, I’ve got windows open to my email accounts. But I am getting better! Maybe. LOL

Just don’t give up. Find that part of you that believes you’ll get published, take a deep breath, and hit send.

KateMarie Collins

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